Friday, April 4, 2014


In a bid to improve women leaders’ effectiveness in leadership and decision making processes, and address social-cultural and political factors which hinder participation of women in leadership, ACFODE in partnership with the Netherlands government and DIAKONIA launched women leadership advisory desks for women leaders and those aspiring for leadership in politics and public administration in the districts of Namutumba, Dokolo and Pader.

There has been an increase in the number of women participating in politics and public administration at both local and national level as a result of Uganda ratifying and implementing a number of international and national laws such as the 1995 constitution, the National gender policy and CEDAW amongst others. However, the number has not exceeded much the reserved seats for women allocated under the affirmative action slot. Additionally, the increase in numbers of women in these political spaces has equally not measured to effectiveness and influence in decision making processes and structures. In public administration the ratio of women to men in the public sphere does not reflect the population segment of 50.9% women (UBOS, 2012).

During the events held at the district head quarters, Ms. Yossa Daisy the project officer noted that women aspiring for leadership and those currently in leadership continue to face constraints such as literacy levels, social bias, low levels of education, lack of mentors, lack of reference materials limited access to information and exposure.discrimination based on sex, patriarchy within political parties and society, violence, inferiority complexes, challenges balancing public and domestic roles.

Against this back drop, the desks are aimed at improving the effectiveness of women leaders in leadership and decision making processes, increasing the numbers of women in direct elective positions in parliament, local councils, at district and sub county levels and addressing social-cultural and political factors which hinder participation of women in decision making and electoral processes. The desks are located at the project operational ACFODE field offices and will be a platform for mentoring and coaching women leaders and access to relevant information.

Ms Hilda Akabwai an ACFODE board member encouraged women to effectively utilise this opportunity to make an impact in their districts. “Most times women miss out on government resources because they are not aware of their rights but with this project, the situation is bound to change,” said the Namutumba CAO Mr. Magili Joseph. Participants were thrilled about the desks and the services to be rendered.

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